Space is an open source,
collaborative code editor.
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Grab the code on Github. This initial release includes just the editor. And doesn't include all the features of our full Space system. But it does have all the meaty, real-time bits in it. So grab some friends (or go make some if you need to), throw those files up on a server and get coding.

More details about the release can be found here.

Or, try out our demo version. Please play nice.

Tons of Users. Thanks NodeJS!
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Resizable, 3-panel layout
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Not to Mention...

• It all takes place in your browser.
• It's running on the amazing Ace.
• There's a file browser (exciting! right?)

But there's still lots to do, like...

• Simpler installation and maintenance.
• Advanced user management.
• Better themeing support.
• It's pretty stable, but could always be better.

The Details


We built Space because... Well, this is actually our 3rd attempt at doing collaborative coding; we started out with current web practices (PHP, Git integration, etc.) but quickly hit the wall when trying to collaborate quickly and/or remotely. But now with NodeJS, NowJS, ACE, Underscore, JQuery, and Diff-Match-Patch, everything has become seamless...

The Architecture

Space is built on NodeJS and uses NowJS under the hood to support websockets for realtime collaboration. The editor is built on ACE (the same front-end used in Cloud9 IDE) and uses Google's diff-match-patch to send edits information to contributors as changes are made to the code.

What Next?

We love using space, but currently it's just a tool for us to use behind the scenes. It's robust enough to get out of our way and let us work, but not quite ready for prime-time. It takes a bit of finessing and the server setup isn't streamlined yet (still a few command-line tools that need to be run every now and then to keep things in line). So we want to hear what you think we should do next. The scale of Space is potentially massive, so turning it over to the community and making it open source could be a great way to make it accessible and quickly improve it. However, without a dedicated team supporting it, Space may become a complex mess that gets left behind, which brings up another approach; maybe we should be that dedicated team and turn it into a service for all to use. What do you think?

Even though Space is open source

You can still make your voice heard. If you want to let us know that you really think we should still make Space a service, use the button below to vote.

Make it a service!

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