Make Stop-Motion Videos in your Browser

We love playing with video, especially stop motion. So we built frizzle as a simple way to make video animations, mock-ups, prototypes and stories super fast.

Frizzle runs entirely in the browser and doesn't need to send anything to the server thanks to HTML5's getUserMedia. And when you're done, click the save button to download your video for sharing.

But making nice stop motion is a lot more than just taking pictures. Setting up the camera and lighting are just as important. How you place your camera is up to you, but we find that attaching it to something above your workspace is great for capturing drawings and explanations.

Frizzle can even correct for perspective (just place a blank sheet of paper in front of the camera with a small black dot in each corner). You can also subtract out the background to help with uneven lighting and turn on the overlay to do onion skinning (comparing the last frame for smooth animation).

Frizzle is a free experiment from The Chaos Collectiveenjoy!

Start Playing with Frizzle Now!

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filmstrip on/off
perspective shift
subtract background
overlay (onion skin)


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